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Delivery errors led to child's brain damage, according to jury

When a child is born with brain damage, Oregon parents will surely have questions. When the answers to those questions point to delivery errors, parents may be devastated that the people they trusted to bring their child into the world made mistakes that will have lifelong repercussions for the whole family. This is what happened to a family from out-of-state, and a jury recently decided that the boy's brain damage was due to medical mistakes. It awarded the family a $53 million medical malpractice judgment. 

The boy was born on April 20, 2004. The mother alleged that she was not properly monitored, and her unborn child was in distress for at least 12 hours. She also asserted that a cesarean section should have been performed. She further alleged that no one ever explained what happened or apologized for the fact that her son was born with brain damage. The devastating result has taken away his chances of having a normal life.

The hospital claimed that the Illinois woman had an infection that was properly treated. It asserted that the infection could have caused her son to be born with cerebral palsy. Supposedly, these assertions were in direct opposition to the information contained in hospital records.

Many medical malpractice claims filed here in Oregon and elsewhere are due to a lack of communication and/or remorse from hospital personnel and/or the medical staff attending to a patient who suffered harm. Of course, families who will be forced to shoulder financial burdens due to delivery errors such as the ones experienced by this woman and child will need financial relief in the form of a monetary judgment to provide ongoing care. On a larger scale, the hope is that bringing these mistakes to light will prevent another family from going through the same experience.

Source:, "Family awarded $53M 12 years after son allegedly suffers brain damage at birth", Laura Podesta, June 30, 2016

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