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Woman says surgical errors caused her injuries

Most Oregon residents know that every surgical procedure comes with certain risks. Unfortunately, one of the risks that medical personnel tend not to highlight is the fact that surgical errors can occur. Doctors, nurses and other surgical staff are human, which means that there is always the potential for mistakes to be made.

An out-of-state woman recently filed a medical malpractice claim against the individuals and entities she believes are responsible for the injuries she suffered after a surgical procedure. She was diagnosed as having a cyst on one of her ovaries, which needed to be removed. She claims that during the procedure, the surgeon nicked a portion of her bowel. Apparently, the surgeon did not notice the bowel perforation prior to completing the procedure. She suffered pain from May 30, 2014 through June 13, 2014, when the perforation was discovered.

The Illinois woman claims that it took too long for medical personnel to order and obtain a surgical consultation. Once the problem was discovered, she required additional medical treatment in order to correct the error. She alleges that she incurred additional medical expenses and other damages due to the mistakes made both during the procedure and after.

It will be up to the court to determine whether the damages she allegedly incurred were the cause of surgical errors. As would be the case here in Oregon, she will be required to establish that the surgeon caused the bowel perforation and that the standard of care the plaintiff received in the days that followed was below accepted levels. Successfully doing so could result in an award of some or all of the damages she seeks.

Source:, "Medical malpractice suit filed against Presence Chicago Hospitals Network, others", Louie Torres, June 15, 2016

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