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Plastic surgeon sued for medical malpractice

In many cases, plastic surgery is what is referred to as an elective surgery, performed to augment, enhance or somehow improve a patient's facial features or body parts. However, just because in many cases the procedures are not medically necessary, that does not mean that a surgeon here in Oregon or elsewhere should feel free to deceive his or patients by knowingly using substandard products that could potentially seriously injury or kill the patient. Doing would likely constitute medical malpractice.

In fact, an out-of-state physician is facing numerous medical malpractice claims for deceiving his patients. It was discovered that during his work as a plastic surgeon, he used breast implants and botox that were made in China without first informing his patients. The doctor, who is no longer in the cosmetic surgery business, not only used the products without his patients' knowledge or consent, but also billed them for the products that he should have used.

Three women who have filed claims are having the Chinese breast implants, which were not FDA approved, removed out of fear for their lives. They have no idea what the implants are made of or filled with -- let alone where they were even manufactured. They hope that filing their claims in an Idaho federal court will alert other women that their lives could be in jeopardy as well.

As would be the case here in Oregon, the outcome of these medical malpractice claims will be decided in court. However, at the very least, this dangerous physician is no longer putting his patients' lives in danger through the use of unapproved products. Perhaps they will receive some restitution for the damages they incurred as a result of what happened -- especially for those women who had a second procedure done to remove the implants.

Source:, "Southeast Idaho doctor sued for allegedly using counterfeit breast implants, injecting counterfeit Botox", April 29, 2016

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