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Family says failure to diagnose caused man's death

Far too many people here in Oregon and elsewhere know what it is like when a doctor fails to make the right diagnosis and, subsequently, the right treatment. In some cases, the correct diagnosis if finally reached with no harm to the patient. However, in other cases, a failure to diagnose has deadly consequences.

According to one family from another state, the fact that doctors failed to diagnose a man's internal hernia cost him his life. In Oct. 2013, the man went to the emergency room of a hospital in his area. He was constipated and suffering from pain in his abdomen. A CT scan was done, and the man was discharged. His family claims that a competent radiologist would have noticed his true condition.

The Pennsylvania man returned to the hospital numerous times, and despite his medical history -- which included a gastric bypass in 2004 -- they failed to diagnose his condition. After losing approximately 80 pounds between Oct. 2013 and March 2014, he still had not been correctly diagnosed. By July 12, 2014, he was dead from organ failure and septic shock. His family claims that he suffered needlessly since doctors should have been able to find the internal hernia and treat it.

Whenever a failure to diagnose occurs, an Oregon family could end up left without a loved one. If surviving family members become aware that the life of their loved one could have been saved by a correct diagnosis, a lawsuit might be appropriate. Any restitution the family receives will help with any financial burdens caused by the possibly unnecessary death of their loved one.

Source:, "Deceased man's family files malpractice suit against Geisinger", James Halpin, May 17, 2016

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