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Jury says surgical errors caused woman's infertility

Nearly every Oregon resident has heard horror stories about a surgeon operating on the wrong organ. It can be easy to dismiss these surgical errors as myths, but for the patients who have been through it, they are very real. Patients have ended up with serious, permanent and debilitating injuries -- if they survived at all.

One woman recently filed a medical malpractice claim in the aftermath of a botched surgical procedure that left her infertile. She went to the hospital complaining of pain on her right side that was not easily identifiable. Doctors were uncertain as to whether she was suffering from an infection or appendicitis. She ended up undergoing surgery to remove her appendix first.

After that organ was removed, another surgeon was called in to remove a tumor on her right fallopian tube. Unfortunately, the left fallopian tube was severed during the operation. The Connecticut woman was forced to undergo yet another surgical procedure. Furthermore, she is currently attempting to have a child through in-vitro fertilization since she is unable to have a child naturally. The jury agreed with the woman that the care she received was below accepted medical standards and awarded her a total of approximately $1.8 million in damages.

Oregon residents who find themselves in a situation similar to the one this woman found herself in might consider filing medical malpractice claims against the party or parties believed to be responsible. If the court determines that surgical errors led to the injury, then damages could be awarded. Medical care can be expensive, so any monetary damages received could be put toward current and future health care costs as well as any other expenses that arise during these situations.

Source:, "Jury awards $1.8 million in medical malpractice case", Karen Florin, April 20, 2016

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