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Did failure to diagnose cause woman's death?

The loss of a loved one can be devastating to surviving family members. If the death of that family member is believed to have been caused by a failure to diagnose or some other medical mistake, the desire to hold medical professionals here in Oregon or elsewhere responsible for not providing the appropriate level of care to their loved one could be overwhelming. Filing a medical malpractice suit could prove to be cathartic for grieving family members.

For example, a man, who is not from Oregon, recently filed a lawsuit against numerous medical professionals claiming that a failure to diagnose his mother's condition led to her death. According to his complaint, there was more than one misdiagnosis during the few days that his mother was in the care of the defendants. She first sought medical attention on April 16, 2015.

She died on April 21, 2015. Reports indicate that the woman had suffered from a bowel obstruction. In the days prior to her death, doctors apparently failed to diagnose this. Her son contends that had she received a proper diagnosis, she might be alive today.

It will be up to the court presiding over the case to determine whether that is true. If it is determined that a failure to diagnose led to the woman's death, damages might be awarded. It would then need to be determined what percentage of any award each defendant would be ordered to pay since there are multiple defendants. As would be the case here in Oregon, defendants are ordinarily assigned a percentage of liability based on how much each of them is considered to be responsible for what happened.

Source:, "Man sues care providers in case alleging wrongful death", Ruel Reyes, March 9, 2016

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