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Family says more than nursing negligence led to woman's death

One day in January, a man called 911 for his 47-year-old wife. By the end of that fateful day, his wife was dead. Now, her family is alleging that it was more than nursing negligence that led to her premature death, much as a family here in Oregon might.

The woman was screaming when paramedics arrived, and her husband of 23 years says that five EMTs held her down and strapped her to a gurney. Once at the hospital, he says that a nurse declared that his wife must have been smoking synthetic marijuana, which was allegedly causing her symptoms. The woman's husband told the nurse that his wife did not do drugs, but the nurse continued to insist that she did.

Other nurses were supposedly laughing about the situation. The woman went into cardiac arrest, and it was only then that a doctor came into the room. Her husband also said that they were locked in a room. An ICU doctor at the New York hospital came down and supposedly said that he would not take her upstairs because she was not going to live. She was never given a diagnosis prior to her death, and the medical examiner is investigating the possibility that she died of bacterial meningitis.

The man wants the state to conduct an investigation into his wife's death. He may also exercise his right to file a wrongful death claim against the hospital and any of its personnel who he believes is responsible for his wife's death. If he proves that hospital, doctor and/or nursing negligence contributed to or caused her demise, the court could award him damages similar to those that would be sought here in Oregon.

Source: CBS New York, "Family Demands Action After Woman Dies At Coney Island Hospital", Feb. 12, 2016

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