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Family claims medical malpractice in death of loved one

Oregon residents entrust the care of their family members to medical facilities and their personnel on a daily basis. If their loved one dies while under the care ofsuch a facility, it can raise numerous questions. If those questions are not satisfactorily answered, it could be because medical malpractice is the cause.

One family believes that the death of their loved one was due to several errors made by the doctors and hospitals who were responsible for his care between Nov. 6, 2013 and Feb. 7, 2014, which is the day that he died. During that time, the decedent was taking several medications. The family claims that medical personnel failed to warn their loved one that the drug interactions could put his life in jeopardy. 

Furthermore, he needed to stop taking one medication. However, he was not told that in order to safely stop its use, he needed to taper down the dosage until it reached a safe level to discontinue taking it completely. There is also an allegation that one of the Illinois hospitals involved failed to review a treatment ordered by one of the defendant doctors. All of these negligent acts are said to have led to the man's death.

The family asserts that the medical malpractice perpetrated by the defendants denied them of the man's companionship, services and other things. Before the court will consider a monetary judgment against one or more of the defendants, negligence will need to be established. Successfully litigated claims could result in an award of damages similar to those permitted by law here in Oregon.

Source:, "Family blames Memorial Hospital of Carbondale for relative's wrongful death", Molly English-Bowers, Feb. 10, 2016

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