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Did failure to diagnose eye condition cause permanent injury?

Understandably, losing one's eyesight would be devastating. Most people do what they can to protect their eyes and make sure that they are able to see as well as possible. Doing so goes beyond wearing glasses or contact lenses. Occasionally, an individual can develop an eye condition that threatens his or her sight. If an Oregon eye doctor's failure to diagnose the appropriate condition in a timely manner affects that person's ability to see, it could be considered medical malpractice.

An out-of-state couple recently commenced a lawsuit because the woman claims that her sight was permanently damaged as a result of the failure of her doctors to diagnose her condition in a timely manner. Beginning on Dec. 30, 2013, she went to an eye clinic because her left eye was swollen and in pain. Over the course of several months, the doctors were unable to prescribe a course of treatment to resolve the issue.

It turns out the Illinois woman had corneal ulcers. She claims that if her doctors had performed the appropriate tests, they would have discovered her condition. Subsequently, she would have received treatment in a timely manner and would not have permanent damage to her eye. 

Just as any Oregon resident would have to do in similar circumstances, this woman will need to provide the court with appropriate evidence that the doctors' actions were not up to acceptable standards. She will have to prove that any failure to diagnose caused the permanent injury that she claims. If the court rules that medical malpractice occurred, an award of damages will be considered, based upon documented financial losses. Any restitution could help with current and future medical needs.

Source:, "Woman's alleged eye damage prompts malpractice suit against Panton Eye Center", Robert Hadley, Dec. 31, 2015

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