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Orthopedic surgical errors can leave patients seriously injured

Orthopedics is the medical discipline that deals with correcting skeletal injuries and deformities. Patients of Oregon orthopedic surgeons suffer from a variety of maladies caused by car accidents, sports injuries and degenerative diseases, among others. These surgeons can, in many cases, change the lives of their patients. The same is true if surgical errors occur -- except the changes are serious and/or debilitating injuries.

There are risks in every surgical procedure, but most people do not expect something to go wrong because of negligence on the part of the surgeon or a member of the surgical team. Foreign objects may be left in a patient, the wrong limb may be operated on or the patient may not be properly monitored during the procedure. Regardless, many of the mistakes made during and after surgery are preventable.

Surgical errors can lead to brain damage, paraplegia or other less severe -- but just as debilitating -- injuries. You may no longer be able to perform the same tasks at work or enjoy the same activities that you enjoyed prior to the surgery. You may have required an additional surgery or surgeries in order to correct the problem -- if it can even be corrected.

You may be able to receive restitution for the medical bills, lost income and other damages that go along with being the victim of surgical errors. An attorney can review your case, conduct any necessary investigation and file a lawsuit, if appropriate. If it is proved that the care you received was below acceptable medical standards, an Oregon court may enter a monetary judgment in your favor against the party or parties found responsible for your injuries.

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