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Parents sue for delivery errors that permanently injured baby

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most joyous occasions in Oregon parents' lives. However, when delivery errors occur that cause permanent injuries to their newborns, dreams they may have had for their children could be shattered. A child may be left with a debilitating handicap that could require medical care and other accommodations for the rest of his or her life.

On Feb. 18, 2011, a woman was admitted to a hospital in her area to give birth to a baby girl. The parents entrusted the safety of both the mother and the unborn child to the obstetrician attending the birth. During the delivery, the obstetrician felt it necessary to use traction in order to deliver the infant. The parents are now claiming in a lawsuit that the doctor's use of traction was excessive, which led to their daughter suffering permanent injuries.

Allegedly, the baby suffered injury to the spinal nerves in her shoulder and neck. Her right arm is now paralyzed. The condition from which she suffers is called brachial plexus palsy. The parents, who reside in Illinois, allege that the doctor's treatment of the baby was negligent, and they are seeking damages.

This couple's experience may be familiar to some parents in Oregon. Those who believe that their children suffer from brachial plexus palsy as a result of delivery errors have the right to file medical malpractice claims against the obstetricians present at the deliveries, among others, if appropriate. Any monetary restitution received could be used for any of the children's current and future needs.

Source:, "Couple sues UC Medical Center, alleging malpractice in infant daughter's injuries", Robert Hadley, Nov. 9, 2015

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