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Some surgical errors sound more like myth than reality

It may seem more like myth than reality that an Oregon surgeon could leave a foreign object inside a patient's body. However, this is just one of the surgical errors that occurs more frequently than anyone would like. One estimate shows that every week nearly 39 patients end up with foreign objects left in them by surgeons.

Unfortunately, the fact that an object was left in a patient is often not discovered until the individual returns to the hospital with pain or an infection. In some cases, patients die before receiving any further medical attention. Survivors often require additional surgeries to remove the objects and face significantly longer recovery periods. An infection can also require further medical treatment, in addition to corrective surgery.

The damage to the patient can be significant if the patient survives the ordeal. Permanent injuries can affect every aspect of an individual's life. Completing everyday tasks could be difficult, if not impossible. Sometimes, there is no feasible way that the individual can return to his or her chosen profession, if working is even possible. Other damages may also be incurred in addition to the medical expenses, such as pain and suffering.

If you were permanently injured by surgical errors or lost a family member to the same, it may be appropriate to file a medical malpractice suit against the party or parties believed to be responsible. An attorney with experience in medical malpractice cases can help gather evidence indicating negligence. If an Oregon court is satisfied that negligence is established, it may consider an award of damages to help with the financial losses brought on by a surgeon's mistake.

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