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Medical negligence suit filed re man's hospital fall

While an individual is under the care of an Oregon hospital, the expectation is that the doctors and other staff will provide care that meets accepted standards. Many medical professionals meet or exceed these standards every day. However, the failure to provide a certain level of care could be construed as medical negligence

A widow filed a medical negligence and wrongful death suit against a hospital in the area where she and her husband lived back in Sept. 2013. Her husband went to the emergency room because he was suffering from headaches and vomiting. He was admitted to the hospital. The next day, he fell while he was under the care of the hospital, its doctors and staff.

The lawsuit claims that he was not properly examined after he fell, and no tests were run to determine whether he suffered serious injury in the fall. Further, no investigation into the incident was conducted. Shortly thereafter, her husband was transferred to another West Virginia hospital for an undisclosed reason. He ultimately died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is bleeding between the tissues that surround the brain and the brain itself. The widow alleges that the original hospital and his attending physician are responsible for his death.

Whether medical negligence caused or contributed to her husband's death remains up to the court. As would be necessary here in Oregon, the widow will need to provide appropriate evidence establishing medical malpractice for the court to make a decision. If the court rules that the defendant or defendants were negligent, it will then consider awarding the damages she seeks. 

Source:, "Widow sues hospital, doctor, alleging wrongful death", Mark Trammell, Sept. 10, 2015

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