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A failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner can be fatal

The word cancer can inspire fear in the bravest of Oregon's residents. Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies and treatments, many cancers can be cured if caught early enough. However, a failure to diagnose cancer in its early stages can be fatal, and it is not the doctor who pays the price -- it is the family members left behind.

Many hospitals and clinics are understaffed and doctors are busy. However, this is no excuse for not taking the time to get a proper medical history, along with a list of symptoms and complaints from a patient. Even if a doctor does take the time to compile this information, he or she may dismiss early warning signs of cancer and fail to order testing that could help make a diagnosis.

Even if a patient's physician eventually takes the complaints seriously and a diagnosis of cancer is made, it could be too late. There reaches a point where even the most aggressive treatments may not be enough to save a patient's life. If this happened to a member of your family, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the responsible parties.

If an Oregon court determines that your loved one received substandard care, you could be awarded damages as restitution for your financial losses, along with other damages. Just as important is the fact that a successful claim could help prevent another failure to diagnose cancer by the same physician or physicians. Everyone deserves the best medical care possible, and when you or a loved one does not receive it, the people responsible need to be held accountable.

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