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Doctor accused of obstetrical malpractice in neighboring state

Oregon women may be glad that their obstetrician is not the same as one from a neighboring state who was recently suspended by the state's Department of Health. According to reports, he is considered to be a danger to the safety and health of the public. If the reports about him are true, he could be facing cases of obstetrical malpractice from the patients to whom he owed a duty of care.

Numerous patients made complaints against the doctor for a variety of transgressions. The doctor is accused of performing numerous unneeded and unnecessary procedures and services, including dilation and curretage (D&C), which is a procedure to remove uterine tissue. Furthermore, his treatment of patients was rough and, in some cases, caused a great deal of pain and damage.

One woman suffered a perforation of her uterus and spent time in an intensive care unit. Another patient was diagnosed with Asherman's Syndrome, which is most often brought on by multiple D&C procedures. Three patients needed hysterectomies.

The doctor -- who is from Washington -- also overbooked himself and even moved back and forth between a C-section and vaginal delivery. He made the incision for the C-section, left the patient alone and open for approximately 15 minutes in order to attend to a vaginal delivery. He then failed to deliver that woman's placenta and repair a tear she suffered during the birth in order to return to the woman having the C-section.

These are only some of the allegations against the doctor. As would be the case here in Oregon, some of the women may file obstetrical malpractice claims against the doctor. If a court in his home state finds that he was negligent and failed to meet the prescribed standards of care, damages could be awarded to those who sustained financial damages.

Source:, "Richland obstetrician suspended for alleged malpractice, abuse", Sara Schilling, July 30, 2015

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