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What happens to medical bills during a malpractice lawsuit?

When consumers dispute services in other contexts, they may withhold payment until an agreement or resolution is reached, in or out of the courtroom. But when a patient suspects medical negligence was the cause of his or her injury, how is the matter of medical bills handled?

Although the services of a medical malpractice attorney may be most visible in the courtroom, our law firm also provides advice regarding the topic of excessive medical bills following an accident. In fact, given the rising cost of health care, many individuals might find themselves struggling with medical bills after receiving negligent medical care or being injured in an accident. 

Our law firm has experience dealing with health care providers. Many months or even years might pass between the initial filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit and the verdict or settlement. In the meantime, a patient may require ongoing medical care. Our attorneys have been able to reach agreements with providers in some cases, allowing medical care to continue without payments while the litigation is ongoing.

Of course, mounting medical bills can also be a problem when a patient requires medical treatments during a pending personal injury case. The same skills that apply to negotiations with a health care provider about an underlying medical malpractice lawsuit can also serve well in this situation.

In both cases, a health care provider’s willingness to cooperate may depend upon its independent assessment of the pending case. Pursuant to Oregon law, a medical malpractice claim cannot be brought against a doctor unless the alleged victim has found a qualified medical expert whose believes the doctor was negligent and is willing to testify in court. Our firm can present a strong version of the case in any negotiations with a health care provider, as well as in front of jurors in a courtroom.

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