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Are emergency room staff responsive to new safety protocols?

Can patients be confident in their hospital's sterilization and other safety procedures when a hospital worker contracts an infection in her workplace? 

This question may be on many commentators’ minds after the recent scare involving the nurse who contracted the Ebola virus after treating a patient. The nurse worked in the emergency room of the hospital where the first case of a patient with the virus was handled. 

Unfortunately, the nurse also became the first American to contract the virus. She recently filed a lawsuit against the parent company of the hospital where she worked. 

According to her complaint, the company and its chief medical officer were negligent in their approach to hospital procedures. Specifically, the complaint alleges that the company should have ensured that proper procedures, equipment and policies were in place. Instead, the company did nothing in response to the Ebola warnings.  As a result, the nurse claims that she and other onsite health care providers were unable to safely respond to the crisis. 

By definition, doctors and nurses in an emergency room face significant challenges, including an unpredictable and often chaotic environment. However, a professional level of care must still be provided to those patients, even those who are facing life-threatening conditions. An attorney that focuses on medical negligence knows that a professional standard of care applies even to emergency room staff. If hospital staff failed to properly respond to a public emergency, they should be held accountable. 

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Source:  CNN, “Texas nurse who contracted Ebola sues hospital company,” Eliott C. McLaughlin and Holly Yan, March 2, 2015  

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